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All of VenMill Industries' disc repair/maintenance machines are fully automated and use patented OptoClear™ Technology. This state-of-the-art process safely repairs and maintains DVDs, CDs, Games, CD-ROMS, HD-DVDs, and 3 inch discs. Unlike other repair procedures that rely on added wax filling and abrasive sanding, our OptoClear™ method provides an unlimited number of cleanings and repairs, thus professionally protecting and maintaining your valuable media collection indefinitely!


Everyday use and handling make the protective plastic layer susceptible to surface scratches and blemishes which can disrupt disc playback. The average scratch is less than 1 micron deep.


Rather than harmful filling, sanding or cutting away of the protective layer, the OptoClear™ process smoothes and restores this layer.

Note: Deep scratches in the protective layer and damage to the recordable layer are unrepairable. Blu-ray discs can only be maintained, not repaired due to the nature of the disc.
Save money by repairing, instead of replacing.
Think of it as an Iron for your CD, DVD, or any Media Disc.